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PAC endorses 100 candidates

NJEA PAC endorses 100 candidates for Legislature

 Published on Saturday, August 3, 2013

The 125-member political action committee of the 200,000-member New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) has voted to endorse 100 candidates for election to the New Jersey Legislature this November.

The NJEA PAC Operating Committee (NJEA PAC) endorsed 67 Assembly candidates and 33 Senate candidates in 35 of the state’s 40 Legislative Districts. They include 17 Republicans and 83 Democrats.

“The future of public education in New Jersey is in the hands of our elected officials,” NJEA President Barbara Keshishian said. “The endorsed candidates were interviewed by county screening committees, which make recommendations based on established NJEA PAC Operating Committee guidelines.”

In March, NJEA PAC endorsed Democrat Barbara Buono for governor, citing her outstanding record on issues that affect the state’s public schools, the students who attend them, and the people who work in them.

“Barbara Buono rejects the misplaced priorities of the past – priorities like tax cuts for millionaires while blocking an increase in the minimum wage; shortchanging public schools while allowing property taxes to increase by 20 percent; and demanding taxpayer-funded vouchers for private schools while underfunding public schools by billions of dollars,” Keshishian said.

Buono’s selection of Milly Silva as her running mate further exemplifies the ticket’s commitment to New Jersey’s middle class.

“The working men and women of this state deserve better than what they have gotten over the past four years – higher property taxes than ever before and unacceptable unemployment levels,” Keshishian noted. “It’s time we stop protecting the interests of millionaires and reinvest in public education to ensure that our public schools remain among the very best in the nation.”

In April, NJEA PAC voted to support SCR-1/ACR168, the constitutional amendment that would increase New Jersey’s hourly minimum wage rate to $8.25 and make annual adjustments to the minimum wage rate based on any increase in the consumer price index (CPI).

NJEA PAC voted on the recommendations of local interview teams from each legislative district. Those endorsements are:

  • LD 1 Senate: Jeff Van Drew (D); Assembly: Nelson Albano (D) and Bob Andrzejczak (D)
  • LD 2 Senate: James Whelan (D); Assembly: Nick Russo (D) and Chris Brown (R)
  • LD 3 Senate: Stephen Sweeney (D); Assembly: Celeste Riley (D) and John Burzichelli (D)
  • LD 4 Senate: Fred Madden (D); Assembly: Paul Moriarty (D) and Gabriela Mosquera (D)
  • LD 5 Senate: Donald Norcross (D); Assembly: Angel Fuentes (D) and Gilbert “Whip” Wilson (D)
  • LD 6 Senate: James Beach (D); Assembly: Louis D. Greenwald (D) and Pamela Lampitt (D)
  • LD 7 Senate: Diane Allen (R); Assembly: Herb Conaway (D) and Troy Singleton (D)
  • LD 8 No endorsements
  • LD 9 Senate: Christopher Connors (R); Assembly: Brian Rumpf (R)
  • LD 10 Senate: Jim Holzapfel (R); Assembly: David Wolfe (R) and Gregory McGuckin (R)
  • LD 11 Assembly: Edward Zipprich (D)
  • LD 12 Senate: Raymond D. Dothard (D); Assembly: Ronald Dancer (R) and Robert Clifton (R)
  • LD 13 No endorsements
  • LD 14 Senate: Linda Greenstein (D); Assembly: Daniel Benson (D) and Wayne DeAngelo (D)
  • LD 15 Senate: Shirley Turner (D); Assembly: Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) and Reed Gusciora (D)
  • LD 16 Senate: Christian R. Mastondrea (D); Assembly: Marie Corfield (D) and Ida Ochoteco (D)
  • LD 17 Senate: Bob Smith (D); Assembly: Joe Egan (D) and Upendra Chivukula (D)
  • LD 18 Senate: Peter Barnes (D); Assembly: Pat Diegnan (D) and Nancy Pinkin (D)
  • LD 19 Senate: Joe Vitale (D); Assembly: John Wisniewski (D) and Craig Coughlin (D)
  • LD 20 Senate: Raymond Lesniak (D); Assembly: Joseph Cryan (D) and Annette Quijano (D)
  • LD 21 Senate: Thomas Kean, Jr. (R); Assembly: Jon Bramnick (R) and Nancy Munoz (R)
  • LD 22 Senate: Nicholas Scutari (D); Assembly: Linda Stender (D) and Jerry Green (D)
  • LD 23 Senate: Gerard Bowers (D); Assembly: John Valentine (D) and Ralph Drake (D)
  • LD 24 No endorsements
  • LD 25 Pending consideration
  • LD 26 Senate: Joe Pennacchio (R); Assembly: Elliot Isibor (D) and BettyLou DeCroce (R)
  • LD 27 Senate: Richard Codey (D); Assembly: Mila Jasey (D) and John McKeon (D)
  • LD 28 Senate: Ronald Rice (D); Assembly: Cleopatra Tucker (D) and Ralph Caputo (D)
  • LD 29 Senate: M. Teresa Ruiz (D); Assembly: L. Grace Spencer (D) and Alberto Coutinho (D)
  • LD 30 Senate: Robert Singer (R); Assembly: David Rible (R)
  • LD 31 Senate: Sandra Cunningham (D); Assembly: Charles Mainor (D) and Jason O’Donnell (D)
  • LD 32 Senate: Nicholas Sacco (D); Assembly: Vincent Prieto (D) and Angelica Jimenez (D)
  • LD 33 Senate: Brian Stack (D); Assembly: Carmelo Garcia (D) and Raj Mukherji (D)
  • LD 34 Senate: Nia Gill (D); Assembly: Sheila Oliver (D) and Thomas Giblin (D)
  • LD 35 Senate: Nellie Pou (D); Assembly: Benjie Wimberly (D) and Shavonda Sumter (D)
  • LD 36 Senate: Paul Sarlo (D); Assembly: Gary Schaer (D) and Marlene Caride (D)
  • LD 37 Senate: Loretta Weinberg (D); Assembly: Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D) and Gordon Johnson (D)
  • LD 38 Senate: Robert Gordon (D); Assembly: Joe Lagana (D) and Timothy Eustace (D)
  • LD 39 Assembly: Donna C. Abene (D) and Holly Schepisi (R)
  • LD 40 No endorsements

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